The working principle of the glass edging machine

The working principle of the glass edging machine


The working principle of the  glass edging machine  is mainly as follows:

The glass is placed on the workbench and pushed to the grinding wheel through the conveying device or manual pushing. The grinding wheel rotates at a high speed driven by the motor. When the glass comes into contact with the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel grinds the edge of the glass. According to different edging requirements, the parameters such as the angle, position and rotational speed of the grinding wheel can be adjusted to achieve different shapes and effects of edging, such as straight edges, beveled edges, round edges, etc. At the same time, there is usually a cooling system to cool the grinding process to prevent the glass from cracking or other problems due to overheating. During the grinding process, there will also be a dust collection device to collect the generated glass debris and dust to keep the working environment clean. The whole process is repeated continuously until the edge of the glass reaches the required processing requirements.

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