• 1.What is the means of "miter"machine?

      Generally we call it "angle changing"machine, which can process the degree from 0-60 degree. This machine is suitable for process decoration glass like glass cabinet etc.

    • 2.How about the packing for machines?

      Machines will be packed by film to against the humidity, as well as the wood or steel pallet on bottom which is easy for lift up the machines.

    • 3.What voltage can be adopt onto your machines?

      The standard Voltage we adopt onto our machines is 380V,50HZ,3 phase. And different Voltage is also available according to your request, just like 220V,60HZ; 220V,50HZ; 415V,50HZ etc. But the producing time of machines should be a little longer than standard voltage. For the details information kindly feel freely to contact us.

    • 4.The Factors of Affecting Edger's Speed

      The factors of affecting edger's speed are as follow: 1. the cutting amount of the processing glass. 2. the quantity of spindles. 3. rotation speed of the wheel. 4. the quality of wheels. 5. the stability of main drive. 6. the clamping force of the glass

    • 5.Milling machine use and maintenance

      Milling machine use and maintenance Correct and rational use of the milling machine, not only to ensure normal production, but also play a role in extending machine life. Here about the proper use of milling machine should pay attention. 1, on purchase of new milling machine, using the former must first read the instruction manual. Find out the machine in the drive principle, a variety of handles, hand wheels, electric button, water, gas regulator valve, grasp the knowledge of machine maintenance, the only hands-on. 2, the milling machine grinding wheel head is good or bad quality of the glass have a greater impact, grinding head position, move the gap so the factory have been fine, except when using advance and retreat grinding head, the other not to move the general to affect the quality of grinding. In addition, the grinding head back position is not easy too large, otherwise easily damage the waterproof cover, resulting in leakage, and easy to burn out the motor. 3, the adequacy of the cooling effect of grinding also affected. Road to always check whether the cooling pipe clogging. Particular straight line edging machine bristles easily be blocked, and after blocking escape detection, would result in inadequate cooling of milling quality. 4, the milling machine using the CVT to regulate the speed must be in the issuing state, or milling machines easily damage the CVT. 5, special machines use Notes: ① sucker shaped machine table are the same level of greater impact on the grinding effect. Assembly of the five manufacturers have been self-sucker seat grinding, and pick the thickness of the plastic suction cups on the same high degree of consistency to enable the suction cup, so do not go under normal circumstances removable suction cups. If there is damage to the rubber suction cup, they have chosen to replace the same thickness. ② shaped machine vacuum pump in use for some time, due to other reasons, there will be water down the vacuum (ie, suction decreases) and, therefore, should pay attention to check and troubleshooting, otherwise insufficient suction machine to work, on the one hand will affect the mill cut quality, on the other hand are also prone to accidents. 6, when used straight-line edging machine Note: straight milling machine (straight edge machine, round edge machine, bevel edge machine) works through the glass before and after the clamp plate and drive the linear motion of the grinding. Must use two points: ① plate before and after the combination with the rail surface to be lubricated regularly, otherwise they will face in the front plate and the rails of the machine of premature wear and tear of normal life. Although some models automatic lubricating device, but we must always check the lubrication pipe is smooth; ② clamping force clamping the glass size should be appropriate, too loose quality of grinding, the machine load will increase too tight, easy to produce jitter creeping phenomenon, easy to wear thin glass Shihai folder broken glass. Clamping force can be a slightly larger size of glass caught in the machine for testing, namely: the machine will be caught in the middle of the glass, downtime state, his hands moving the glass plate, clamping force is transferred to the feeling just can not move his hands when appropriate. 7, when used by the molding machine Note: ① mode by touching on the grinding machine accuracy by the great impact. Face by the template shape and size must be done accurately and finish higher. If shaped by the template, be sure to smooth the transition at. ② change the template and the sucker, be sure to keep the level of suction face, otherwise it will affect the grinding quality. 8, bilateral milling machine when used Note: ① bilateral milling machine is a high grade, use of the best fixed two to three operations to ensure proper operation. ② grinding process of bilateral errors or failure, it is best you send the original manufacturer maintenance and debugging, in general, do not overhaul in order to avoid chaos caused by discontinued programs.

    • 6.Glass edge grinding machine's main types and characteristics

      Want to choose edge grinding machine, first to edge grinding machine understanding the type and characteristics. For doubleedge grinding machine machine model at present domestic no unified layout norms, so this paper no longer lists mechanical model. 1, single-arm abnormity doubleedge grinding machine (hereinafter referred to as abnormity machine or single arm machine) The biggest characteristic of special-shaped machine is used widely, the price is cheap. Abnormity machine can grind straight edge, also can ground round edge, duck lips, still can grind tapered side plain wheels; Can grind workpiece, also can whet circular ellipse and abnormity workpiece. In independent chuck modeling, filled with special-shaped machine can grind some irregularly shaped workpieces. Abnormity machine simple in structure, manufacture relatively low cost, so the price is cheaper also, general GuoChanJi two thousand yuan can be bought. 2, linear edge grinding machine The characteristics of linear edge grinding machine has 3: it is to use more onefold, grinding various linear edge; only 2 it is grinding, the production efficiency can be continuity higher; Three is bigger flat glass grinding size. Linear edge grinding machine is all kinds of edge grinding machine kinds and sizes most doubleedge grinding machine, according to the edge of the straight line can grinding different, it can divide again as follows three: (1) linear edge grinding machine (hereinafter referred to as straight edge machine) Straight edge machine can only grinding glass edges and flat, according to two edges, there are three grinding head count points, five, eight, nine, ten, 13, 14 ground top several models. Generally speaking, grinding head count is more, grinding accuracy and efficiency of the machine is taller, accordingly the higher price. And computer control straight edge machine (general mill in ten or are broken down by more than ten) is the price higher. In recent years, domestic market appeared again a kind already may be grinding pan edge, and may be grinding 45 ° hemline amphibious straight edge machine, dosage is more also. Another can whet a group or two groups to each Angle hemline is edging machine, called multi-stage edge grinding machine. This machine for grinding head more, general computer control, equipment value is relative taller. (2) linear circular (hereinafter referred to as round margin machines) Round the edge roller can grinding glass edge, duck lips round in furniture, glass processing with more. Circular edge machine also has three, five, six, seven, eight, nine ground top several models. (3) linear beveling machine (abbreviation beveling machine) Beveling machine for grinding commonly 3 ~ 20o of the hypotenuse of glass. Now, some beveling machine can also be grinding 45 ° of the hypotenuse of. Beveling machine press grinding head count points, also has seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, fourteen grinding top models. In recent years and appears on a glass on the hypotenuse of wave patterns of grinding, beveling machine called wave beveling machine. (4) linear bilateral doubleedge grinding machine (hereinafter referred to as bilateral mill) The characteristics of bilateral grinding machine is also the two edge grinding glass, processing precision, high production efficiency, suitable for large quantities of glass edging production. Bilateral mill by use performance points have double straight edge doubleedge grinding machine and double circular edge doubleedge grinding machine two kinds, including double straight edge doubleedge grinding machine with more. Bilateral mill press grinding glass width can be divided into two kinds of medium and large. Biggest in two meters below the grinding width called medium and small bilateral grinding machine, grinding head configuration has four, six, eight, and twelve ground top. Biggest in two meters and grinding width two meters above called large bilateral mill, grinding head configuration has 16, 20, 22 ground top. Large bilateral mill is commonly computer control, automation degree is higher, suitable for grinding large size plate glass, however, this equipment are expensive. Three, inner circle edge grinding machine (abbreviation is semi-atuo machine) The characteristics of semi-atuo machine is simple in structure, low prices, but it is a single, mainly is suitable for machining circle surrounding (may be positive, but oval or round profiled circle). Now the domestic some factory in circular machine, swinging arm longer, make grinding head swinging increased range. This model not only can whet, also can hold concurrently semi-atuo external circular grinding, also known as inside and outside round edge grinding machine. 4, other edge grinding machine and special edge grinding machine In addition to the above the edge grinding machine is introduced, besides some simple structure, USES a single edge grinding machine, such as chamfering machine, small round slice machine, polishing machine, etc. There is also some special processing some product special edge grinding machine, such as auto rearview mirror edge grinding machine, lavabo doubleedge grinding machine, etc. 5, import edge grinding machine JinKouJi high precision, good quality, efficiency and service life is much higher than domestic machine. But JinKouJi expensive, generally for domestic similar machine price 3 ~ 10 times. Import doubleedge grinding machine from Italy production more, quality is better also. Another comes from South Korea and Taiwan with the edge grinding machine and more. 6, modeling edge grinding machine (abbreviation modeling machine imitation shape machine) Modeling machine using the template accurate positioning, can accuracy grinding round or shaped glass straight edge, round the edges, duck lips, beveling etc, this edge grinding machine grinded glass shape accurate, high efficiency unification, the production size. Use modeling doubleedge grinding machine needs to prepare special template, when production of a long, not only higher cost of making stencil and management, replacing template also a trouble, so the machines are suitable for production of small, but production batch big glass processing. Modeling machine is also a single head, double head, four, six top several models, including four and six modeling machine can be a grinding now domestic doubleedge grinding machine manufacturers have nearly hundred, but which produce larger scale, stable product quality and after-sales service system, credibility higher manufacturers only more than 10 factories, we should first choice when buying these manufacturers doubleedge grinding machine, for these factories though edging machines in price than small factory is higher, but the quality and after-sales service to much better than the small factory, more comfortable with it. Even in use appear some technical problems, these manufacturers will also help you out in time. General under warranty are free, charge cost warranty appropriate. If already purchase of machinery and equipment are not satisfied, can also return or replacement. In addition to special explanation is, if you want to buy doubleedge grinding machine type and quantity is more, had better be to choose the same manufacturers. Because doing so in the future production, management, maintenance, and convenient because many are batch purchase in price and service, also can get more favorable, the author for many glass products factory understand found, many manufacturers use production equipment are produced in a handful of equipment factory. If the glass products grinding accuracy requirement is not too high, can consider to buy a small factory edge grinding machine. This saves purchased equipment investment, because of the small factory price relatively cheap, machine than giant general can production low 10% ~ 20%. If the glass products processing, the larger scale, and more sufficient funds to glass products, production batch of high accuracy requirement, can consider buying a big several imported edge grinding machine. JinKouJi though expensive, but it high machining accuracy, low failure rate, the key moments to play advantage. Some manufacturers of imported doubleedge grinding machine used ten years still in use, and the processing precision is still better than domestic machine high. So in a sense to buy JinKouJi is quite cost-effective.

    • 7.Glass Machinery Industry Prospects

      In recent years, a new line of glass industry, technological transformation project gradually increased the pace of business is accelerating the transition, which will promote the development of the domestic glass machinery market. Glass machinery market survey showed that since 2001 China Glass machinery are 10% per year rate of increase, 2003 has exceeded 4,000 tons mark. Since 2004, 5 years, will average 5 to more than 10 large and medium level of 500 tons of float glass production line expansion, which will greatly boost the demand for glass machinery market. Accordingly, industry experts predict that by 2010 China will break through the glass machinery market demand tons mark, glass processing machinery market in which demand an average of 14.79% of the growth rate will be increased steadily. To promote the development of glass machinery industry, China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association Professional Committee of machinery and equipment industry in 2004, organized jointly prepared by experts and businesses commonly used glass processing machinery industry standards ZBJ/HB000-2004, and in May 2004 1 Recommended. In 2007, the Association of experts to develop a ’glass machinery standards, ’the release and implementation of the glass machinery industry to further promote China’s sustained and stable development, while improving the standardization of glass machinery and equipment level and international competitiveness. Published in the implementation of the ’glass machinery standards ’, there are cold glass machinery standard 8; insulating glass machinery standard 7; flat / bent tempered glass machine standard 2; laminated glass mechanical standards 4. Implementation of standards, not only for the production of glass machinery and equipment of the Association members and a unified technical requirements, but also regulate the design and manufacture of glass machinery, to regulate the industry have played a positive role.

    • 8.Service

      Inquiry and consulting support, sample testing support. welcome to visit our factory.

    • 9.Technology

      We had concentrate on glass machine for about 20 years, can give customer professional support on technology. GTM mainly develops and manufactures high-quality glass processing equipment, and it has developed a number of patent products. It is a benchmark enterprise in the glass processing equipment industry. With 20 years of glass machinery research and development and manufacturing experience, our company's elite team has established a good reputation in the industry.

    • 10.Customized

      We can product machines according to customers' requiment. GTM's philosophy is "Be Professional and Dedicated".?Both our product research and development and personnel skills are aligned with this guiding principle so that we can create a greater value for our customers.

    • 11.Certificate

      CE certificate can be provided, meet with European Standard, other certificate also can be provided if customer need. GTM mainly develops and manufactures high-quality glass processing equipment, and it has developed a number of patent products. It is a benchmark enterprise in the glass processing equipment industry.

    • 12.Guarantee & After-sale service

      Guarantee & After-sale service 1.One year warranty under normal use and we supply lifelong maintenance. 2.24 hours technical support by Phone, Email, Skype, Msn, or romote. 3.Free training to make sure you master the operation of the cnc router.

    • 13.OEM Service Available

      OEM Service Available 1.Usually, we will manufacturer the machine as our regular design. 2.Special configuration could be customer-oriented designing.

    • 14.Why your price isn't the lowest price compared with others company or factories ?

      1) We are a innovative enterprises, not only a produce factory. We have a a professional and experienced technical elite team. 2)Compared with the same level brand, we have the same functions and components, but our price is the most competitive. At the same time, our after sales service is satisfactory. We have a good reputation in our customers.

    • 15.Do you provide equipment operation training?

      Do you provide equipment operation training? Answer: ?Yes. We can will send one or two professional technicians (one is electrical engineer, one is mechanical engineer) to install and adjust the machines and help train the workers.

    • 16.What's the guarantee ?

      What's the guarantee ? Answer: 1). Our guarantee for 12 months. 2). 18 hours' technical support by email, video or calling 3). English manual and video tutorial 4). 24 hours on line service each day, free professional technical support.

    • 17.:How about the service ?

      1).24 hours for after-sale serive 2).more than 20 years experience in this kind machine field 3).fluent english ,communication barrier free. Point-to-point service help you solve the problems timely.

    • 18.Are you a manufacturer?

      Yes,we are the professional glass processing machines manufacturer.

    • 19.What power can be adopt onto your machines?

      The standard power we adopt onto our machines is 380V,50HZ,3 phase. And different power is also available according to your request, just like 220V,60HZ; 220V,50HZ; 415V,50HZ etc. But the producing time of machines should be a little longer than standard power. For the details information kindly feel freely to contact us.

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