New developments in the glass machinery industry: It is time to upgrade

New developments in the glass machinery industry: It is time to upgrade


With the rapid development of science and technology, the glass machinery industry has also ushered in unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Today, the market for high-performance, efficient glass processing equipment is growing demand, prompting manufacturers to continue to innovate. Here is a look at the latest industry trends and the old machinery that is about to be phased out.

First, industry trends

1. Digital transformation: Intelligent manufacturing has become the mainstream, and digital control systems are replacing traditional manual operations to improve production efficiency and accuracy.

2. Environmental protection first: Environmental regulations are becoming increasingly strict, promoting the research and development and application of machinery with low energy consumption and low emissions.

3. Customized production: Diversified customer needs, prompting machinery manufacturers to provide more customized solutions.

Second, machinery that needs to be updated

1. Old cutting machine: The traditional cutting machine has been unable to meet 

the requirements of modern production, and it is necessary to upgrade to a higher 

precision and faster CNC cutting machine.

2. Manual edging machine: manual edging efficiency is low and the quality is 

unstable, automatic edging machine becomes the first choice.

3. Traditional cleaning machine: The traditional cleaning machine consumes a lot of

 water and has serious pollution, so it needs to be replaced with a water-saving 

cleaning machine.

Three, new machinery recommendation

1. CNC Glass cut out machine: Advanced CNC system is adopted to achieve 

high-speed and high-precision drilling, cutting, and milling tools to improve 

production efficiency. For example, the GK20 CNC Glass cut out machine (Specializefor shower doors) works automatically and easily. There is no need for the 

operator to have any experience, the machine knows all professional Settings and 

automatically completes all operations, and the pattern has been set inside the 

machine, just select the appropriate pattern and enter the required parameter data, 

and then press the button, the machine can complete the work.


2. Automatic edging machine: automatically adjust the edging Angle to ensure the 

consistency and stability of the product. For example, the GM9J/GM10J glass flat 

edger and variable mitering machine can process flat edges and mitering joints by 

changing the Angle of the spindle, which is suitable for professional furniture, 

doors and Windows, kitchens, crafts, and architectural glass grinding.


3. Intelligent energy-saving cleaning machine: using environmental protection cleaning agent and water-saving technology to reduce environmental pollution. For example, the cleaning part of the

GX2500G High-speed Energy-efficient Glass washing machine

uses four groups of brush cleaning, four groups of sponge drying, and a water tank and a water pump are configured for water circulation, which greatly reduces water consumption.

Glass machinery


The glass machinery industry has been constantly innovating and developing, providing more efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly production solutions for the construction and home sector. By paying attention to the latest machinery and technology trends, we are able to better grasp the market trends, seize the opportunity to achieve sustainable development of the industry. Let us work together to create a better future for the glass machinery industry!

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